About Me

  I'm a retired Army veteran of 25 years of service.  I originally joined the Army to be a mechanic but ended up switching up career fields a couple of years after enjoying some time turning wrenches.  I spent the last two decades learning anything I could about a pretty volatile region of the world and the last 15 years of that were spent as a warrant officer eager to learn all aspects of Middle Eastern culture (I love the regional food). 

  From a running perspective, I started running at age 8, but took a break for a couple of years until I joined the military.  I love running, and while I was by no means the fastest one around, I usually averaged around a 14 minute two-mile run.  I was very fortunate in the military, meaning that I used to buy the cheapest shoes around, occasional jump out of an aircraft, and yet I don't have feet, knee, or leg issues that a lot of former military people have developed.  Also, I didn't get into 5k or 10k races until much later in life, but I have grown quite fond of the crowds that form to do such events.

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